Melanya catering options

Our flexibile options allow you to enjoy your time at Melanya in the way that suits you best.

  • Fresh organic carrots from our natural mountain garden

    Natural free range produce

    Guest can pick their own during their mountain holidays!

    Wholesome | organic | happy

    Everything flourishes abundently in the Rhodope Mountains due to the mediterranean climate, the quality of the environment and the lack of human interference.

    When out walking, you can pick and eat wild strawberries and drink from the mountain streams, safe with the knowledge that everything is completely free from any pesticides, additives and 'grow faster' chemicals.

    All of the organic produce available to our holiday guests is either from our own garden or is locally grown. Bread, meat and dairy products are all organic and sourced locally. Our own free range hens lay delicious fresh eggs daily.

    Melanya organic holidays are completely at one with nature and we are committed to a sustainable existence and responsible tourism for the village and the region.

    Flexible and balanced diet detox holidays at Melanya

    Finding the right organic diet detox holiday is about choosing the balance between facilities, menu and location. A detox at Melanya is about as close as you can get to the perfect location for refreshing your body, mind and soul together with a positive impact on the environment and sustainable tourism for the region.

    Everything you consume during our organic diet detox holidays is hand picked from our organic garden and beautifully prepared every day.

    We don't do 'programs'... But we do offer the perfect environment to detox, together with help and advice on sugar free and anti-candida menu options.

    An organic diet detox holiday at Melanya Mountain Retreat is a perfect blend of traditional charm and modern facilities, hidden deep in the beautiful Rhodope Mountains. Treat yourself to something positive and special... Perfect organic holidays for those seeking a cleanse of the mind and body.

    Our walnut tree gives us sacks of produce every year.

    Shopska salad with walnuts

    Lettuce, onions, cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes selected from the garden. Topped with crumbled Bulgarian feta cheese and walnuts from our tree. Served with home made rustic bread, fresh juice or mountain spring water.

    We grow a variety of fresh chillis in or greenhouse and garden.

    Chicken Jalfrezi

    Succulent peices of chicken breast with onions, peppers, chillies and spices simmered in an authentic curry sauce. Served with papadum's, organic raita, home made garlic naan bread. A cold beer or wine... or both!